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Is buying RuneScape gold safe?

An ultimate detailed guide on buying Runescape gold

Aaron (RuneAd Owner) | 09.13.20

Why should I buy Runescape Gold?

Getting RuneScape Gold or especially OSRS Gold is a pretty slow grind no matter what level you are. You spend hours a day grinding different skills, bosses, questing and raiding ; Doing all of this for the sake of getting RuneScape Gold simply takes all fun out of the game. So what's a better solution to this? Well buying gold of course! We will explain ( in detail ) about how safe gold buying is, where to buy it, and best practices when buying Runescape gold.

Is buying RuneScape gold safe?

This has ALWAYS been the question for first time gold buyers. The answer is pretty simple.. YES! Buying Runescape gold the right way is almost always safe, although theres always a SMALL chance in being caught ( I've been buying Runescape gold for years and never been caught! ). So always buy gold at your own risk. I will list a few methods that large gold selling sites such as ( who have 7 years of gold selling experience! ) use to prevent being caught.

Method 1: All gold that is sold to users have been acquired from staking at Duel Arena or do bossing and other in-game activities.

Method 2: Using leveled up accounts, not level 3s! This will help prevent Jagex from flagging a new account with lots of gold trades.

Method 3: Using member accounts! Most gold sellers use low level, free-to-play accounts. Probemas uses Members and Free-to-play ( for those who are not members, but the gold is still safe because of the other methods used )


Is Probemas safe to buy from?

Started in 2013 as one-man-army, Probemas eventually became one of the largest and the most trusted RS Gold websites in the world. In these years we have received tens of thousands of customer feedback on 3d party review websites like Trustpilot, Facebook, Google, and also on Runescape related forums. Links to these sites can be found at their Feedback page.

How fast does Probemas deliver gold?

In my personal experience with buying gold from Probemas, the entire process takes less than 5 minutes. They have a live chat via website, which for me has NEVER had a wait time. You give the live chat agent the order ID, and they give you a location and world to be in, you meet them, and done! It's THAT easy!

Final thoughts

Buying gold has always for me been safe and no hassle at all. I always use Probemas personally, which seems to offer the safest gold selling methods in the Runescape community. If you wish to buy gold head over to Probemas and check out their reviews and what others say!