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Recent OSRS Game Improvements Blog ... WHAT??

OSRS Future Updates??

Aaron (RuneAd Owner) | 09.17.20

Recent OSRS "Game Improvements Blog" WHAT??


On 17 September 2020 the Old School Runescape team released a poll blog about some upcoming changes that! COULD come to Old School Runescape As the OSRS community knows, changes come with pros and cons as every update impacts the economy and quality of life for Runescape. For the players/readers who don't know the OSRS team polis ail updates and lets the community decide what comes, or does not come into the live game itself. Oldschool Runescape is one of the very FEW games that puts the community in charge of this personally love the concept. but it can sometimes cause issues when the masses want something easier that benefits the players who don't enjoy the grind. Anyway, before I babble on anymore, let's get straight into the updates coming to Oldschool. We will pick them apart with pros and cons

This update is called "Poll 73 Game Improvements Blog Questions 2-8

Question #2 Changes to PoH Combat Dummy


Dragonbane: Attach a Vorkath head to test the maximum hit of dragonbane weapons

Keris: Attach a Kq head (including Tattered Kq head, but not the stuffed variety) to test the maximum hit of

the keris against Kalphites and Scarabites

Leaf Bladed: Attach a Kurask head to test maximum hit against King Kurasks, Kurasks and Turoths with

Leaf-Bladed weapons.

Silver Weapons: Attach 20 Vampyre dust to test the maximum hit against Vampires with silver weapons Revenant Weapons: Attach 500 Revenant Ether to test the maximum hit of Craw's Bow, Thammorans Sceptre and Viggora's Chainmace (as if you were attacking an NPC In the wilderness)

These changes to the PoH Combat Dummy at a glance can look great ( which is it for those who want to see their max on these items ) But my only issue with this update is that is actually taking away from 'finding' the best way to grind and what is BIS for certain areas. So what do you think would this be a good update?

Question #3 Changes to Jar of Darkness


Jagex is polling to lower the drop-rate on the Jar of Darkness from 1/2,500 to 1/500. This is a HUGE change and will impact the rarity of this item for sure. If this passes this item will no longer be a "Fail" drop and will soon just be another common drop. I'm 100% against this update We'll see how the poll goes though!

Questions #4-6 Changes to Skull Sceptre ; I know nothing about this item so I will list the questions for you to know!


4) Should we increase the base number of charges on the Skull Sceptre from 5 base charges to 10? After completing the Varrock Achievement Diary tiers this will increase it to 14, 18, 22, and 26 respectively. Currently completing these diaries raises the total charges to 7.9.11 and 13.

5) Should we allow players to crush Skull Sceptre pieces into tradable chunks? These chunks can then be used to charge the imbued Skull Sceptre.

6) Should the Skull Sceptre no longer be destroyed on death?

Question #7 Changes to Desert Achievement Diary


Should we lower the reward tier required for a permanent rope down to the Kalphite Queen from the Desert Achievement Diary from Ene to Hard?

I personally think this should be left alone, as there is no reason to let players gain access to a feature at an easier

time in the game. So this update is a NO for me

Question #8 Changes to Slayer master & tasks


Once players have reached 99 slayer should we allow them to show their Skill Cape once to any Slayer Master allowing them to receive tasks regardless of Combat level?

I Actually like this update! It allows players who achieved 99 to receive tasks no matter what their combat level is This should have always been a thing, so I'm happy it's maybe going to be a feature!