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Who Are The Top 5 OSRS YouTubers?

My view on who the top 5 RSPS youtubers are!

Aaron (RuneAd Owner) | 09.19.20

Who Are The Top 5 OSRS YouTubers?

Below is a list of who I think the top OldSchool RuneScape YouTubers are ; These are in NO particular order. 

Links Youtube Iconrarghs youtube iconC engineer youtube icon Behemeth's OSRS Highlights youtube icon  

1) Link'sOcarina & Rargh

Link Joined Nov 4, 2016 and has 19,519,026 views at the time of this blog!

Rargh Joined May 17, 2015 and has 16,102,313 views at the time of this blog!

These two OldSchool RuneScape YouTubers took a new style into doing videos. They do different things every video and then fight each other at the end of the video. They do things such as "3 slayer tasks, then we fight", "twisted bow for 2 hours, then we fight", "Shops Only, then we fight".. and the list goes on for 100s of videos. Link and Rargh have to constantly use their oldschool runescape knowledge to compete in tasks with each other to get a win at the end of the video. Not only do they have amazing duo videos together, they also have amazing live streams where they both get on YouTube Live and do these tasks with the community. Their community to youtube/oldschool runescape have really grown and I'm positive almost everyone knows their names. If you want to check them out click Link'sOcarina Youtube and Rarghs channel . Be sure to give them a sub! :)

2) C Engineer

C Engineer joined Joined Jun 1, 2007 and has 30,389,680 views at the time of this blog!

C Engineer has really come a long way since his start in 2007. He's one of the oldest Oldschool Runescape YouTubers, he just his 13 year as a RuneScape YouTuber! That is such an amazing feat, and he has never given up. C Engineer won the 2017 Golden Gnome for Best New Video Maker. C Engineer makes videos on all sorts of categories such as pking, bossing, raiding, mini games, HCIM videos, and the list goes on! While it's hard to explain every video in this single post.. Your best bet is to check out his channel Here and watch a few videos to see his play style. He's 100% worth checking out & drop him a sub if you like his videos!

3)Behemeth's OSRS Highlights

Behemeth's OSRS Highlights joined Joined May 20, 2017 and has 15,155,433 views at the time of this blog!

Behemeth's OSRS Highlights is a newer channel on this list, but it deserves way more attention than most OSRS channels. So who is Behemeth? He gets clips from OSRS players and complies them into a large "Highlight" video to show the community the best of the best videos and clips. I personally love his videos because it's more than 1-2 people doing something for a few hours. This channel is a huge collection of different people, doing different things and makes watching so much more interesting. Check it out! Behemeth's OSRS Highlights . Make sure you drop him a sub if you like his style in videos and content!

4) EVScape

EVScape joined April 20th, 2017 and has 25,954,082 views at the time of this blog!

EVScape is well known for his video "The $5,000 OSRS Battle Royal" Found Here

Don't worry EVScape, I didn't forget you! EVScape is a well known OSRS YouTuber! He has done so much for the community, and has always been an amazing player. He has 100s of videos on his channel doing all sorts of OSRS content from community give aways, pking, raids, bosses, and almost any content you can think about EVScape has done it. If you wish to check out his content go to his channel! EVScape YouTube . Make sure to drop him a sub if you like his content!

5) SoupRS

SoupRS has been around 10 years now, with 100s of videos and over 57 MILLION views on his channel! He's well known for his line of episodes for "Gielinor Games" He hosts a number of games and gives away prizes to the community. He's an overall great content creator and deserves many more views than he gets. With 10 years of YouTube, he's made a name for himself and create an amazing community around him. If you want to checkout his channel click Here

Thanks for reading everyone!