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How to start Runescape Private Server

How to start Runescape Private Server

Aaron (RuneAd Owner) | 09.21.20

How to start a RuneScape Private Server (RSPS) in 2020?

Have you ever wondered how to start a RuneScape Private Server? We will show you the best methods for starting your own server! Grab a nice cup of coffee and enjoy this RuneAd blog. These steps are basic and there is more knowledge needed for some of these steps. Contact someone on a trustworthy RSPS community to fill in any blanks you are not sure on.

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Step 1) Downloading and Installing Java (JDK)

Before you can get started developing your server you will need to download Java's JDK package. ( JDK = Java Development Kit ). To download JDK to start creating and developing your own server visit the Oracle website: . Now that you have this downloaded let's go to the next step.

Step 2) Downloading RuneScape Private Server Files (Server/Client)

If you are new to RuneScape private server development, there are a few simple things you should know!

RuneScape private servers have two components, a server-side, and a client-side. The Server side is the program only you and your developers will have and see. Server-sided is the secret, the code, and what makes your server amazing. Client-sided is the applet that your players will load and play your RSPS. Clients connect your players to your server. So it's always important to make your client load as fast possible and visually appealing, this is the first thing players see!

Creating a Runescape Private Server from scratch requires a ton of programming, time, and most RSPS that are online are pre-made server-sided sources. There are 100s, maybe even 1000s of sources to choose from. I will list a few well known websites to download sources from. 







After finding a source and client from one of the above website you can now head to the next step!

Step 3) Editing your RuneScape Private Server

Now that you have your source and client downloaded, you will need a way to edit these files. Most people who just play around use NotePad, but I always suggest a more powerful program such as IntelliJ IDEA or Eclipse . You can choose any platform that suits you best, as everyone is different and some platforms will always be better depending on the person! Always use what YOU are comfortable with, NEVER go by what someone tells you to use just because it works better for them. After downloading an editing platform you can now make changes to your new local RSPS! We will get to hosting it in the next step! Speaking of.. Let's get to the next step!

Step 4) Hosting your brand new RuneScape Private Server!

Wow! We have come a long way since step one.. We are now ready to host your server! Hosting you server simply means allowing other players to login though an IP and Port.

Getting a RuneScape private server online can be done though two methods.

1) Hosting it on your own computer / network ( Local )

2) Hosting it on a Virtual Private Server (VPS)/Dedicated Server ( Remote )

Method 1 will be the easiest and free method, BUT has some huge downsides! You will have to keep your computer and network online 24/7. We here at RuneAd 100% recommends you use method 2 which will allow you to access your server anytime you need, have it online 24/7, without having ANY requirements for network/home usage. Having your own VPS will not cost a lot, unless you go for the best of the best. I will list a few websites that offer fair prices and great hosting for a RSPS.


OVH:  ( Recommended )





This guide won't explain how to setup your RSPS on a VPS as that's a huge guide in-itself, so we will skip that step. We suggest you find someone in a RSPS community who is well known to help you set up your VPS for your server.

Step 5) Running your server ( May differ per source )

So you have your files.. and a host? Way to go! You are so close to getting your first RSPS online! 

You can start your RuneScape Private Server by opening "Run.bat" - File name will be different per source you are using. Once you get the server running, congratulations! Your first RSPS is now online.

Congratulations on setting up and running your brand new RuneScape private server! You have a long journey ahead of you, but the first step is over with. You can now focus on editing your server to make it as best as possible!

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