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A description of the most popular runescape private server revisions

SilverNova | 10.01.20

What are the most popular revisions of RSPS? 

As many of you may know, Oldschool Runescape currently has roughly two to three times the player base of Runescape3. But does that necessarily transfer over to the world of Runescape Private Servers? Lets take a look!

Starting Off

The first RSPS was launched in 2005 and was called Winterlove. Back then Runescape Private Servers (RSPS) were not as popular as they are today. The main purpose of Winterlove was to let people get a taste of how the protocol worked, so shortly afterwards multi player support was added and servers started to branch out under different names with new features. E.g. BlakeScape, Emulous & Shard. Winterlove was the first RSPS base with the purpose to taste botting (related to MoparScape).

RSPS Growth

Slowly and surely, Runescape Private Server grew alongside Runescape, which later turned into Runescape2. It followed their updates, with each major update on Runescape being sent over to RSPS. That is why a lot of revisions such as 317s, 474s, 562s, 667s, etc were very popular back in the day. That was up until 20 November 2012, when Jagex decided to release the Evolution of Combat (EoC).

EoC was not a very popular hit amongst the players, and caused a large part of the community to quit the game. This was a reaction from a series of unwanted events such as the removal of Wilderness and trading restrictions amongst many others. At this point in time, a lot of Runescape players started seeking to RSPS which could be considered as one of the few player explosions when it came to server growths.

However, in 2013 Jagex released Oldschool Runescape (OSRS) which served the purpose of providing older gameplay but with newer content. A lot of players loved this idea with OSRS and the game was taken by storm. It peaked up to over a hundred thousand players, with many of the RSPS players leaving to play OSRS.

Downfall of Creativity

The release of OSRS had a major impact on the RSPS community, in both positive and negative ways. One of the bigger downsides is that a lot of the content that Runescape had between 2007 to 2013 had lost popularity. People no longer felt the love for the Runescape that came after Oldschool, which led to a lot of tough times for the servers that could or did not want to adapt to OSRS. But the bright side is that as long as Oldschool Runescape thrives, Runescape Private Servers will thrive too. With OSRS hitting a peak of 1,1 million subscribers in 2019, there are very slim chances that either RS or RSPS are going anywhere soon.

Where Are We Now?

As it is right now, Oldschool Runescape Servers are still one of the most popular revisions in RSPS. They are followed by 317s with varies focuses such as custom aspects of the game and a mix of Oldschool and post Oldschool content. It is very unlikely that OSRS servers (also known as DEOB) will stop being the most popular revision due to the popularity of Oldschool Runescape.