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  1. Aaron


    Looks great! Goodluck with this !! Hope to see some more info soon 🙂
  2. If you wish to apply for any of the Forum Awards seen below then feel free to create a request here. Make sure to include proof of the requested award. Test of Time - Given to people who have a bunch of hours logged on the RuneAd forums. Awarded to those with over 30 days of time online on the forums. Forum Junkie - Given to people who have a substantial of hours logged on the RuneAd forums. Awarded to those who have reached 100 days time spent online Forum Lurker - Given to people who have a excessive of hours logged on the RuneAd forums.
  3. Welcome to RuneAd 🙂 Can't wait to see you grow with us !
  4. Preamble To encourage healthy and lively discussion on RuneAd we ask that each and every user read and abide by the forum Code of Conduct. Use of our forum constitutes acceptance and agreement with the Code of Conduct. Please note that these rules can change over time at any given moment. The administration reserve the right to terminate any and all accounts belonging to you if you are deemed in violation of any of the rules mentioned in this Code of Conduct or the User Agreement without prior notice. Our failure to enforce the rules shall not be construed as a waiver of our right to do so
  5. Hello everyone! I'm always looking for suggestions for anything related to the RuneAd toplist, and forums! If you have any please comment on this post, or create a new suggestions thread! If you have a great suggestion & you are a server owner, I will happily give your server a free 7 days of premium 🙂
  6. I love it. You're so lucky there's a N right in the middle! Looks amazing though
  7. Aaron

    Discord Logo

    I love silver, he did such a great job!
  8. I'm a Saints! I live near NOLA so it's my home team 🙂 I will watch this year 100%!
  9. Aaron

    It's ya boy

    Welcome to RuneAd! Hope you enjoy your stay and if you have any questions or need any help please let me or a staff member know 🙂
  10. Aaron

    Janus Logo

    I love it, it's so clear and nice. Amazing work to the artist for sure. !
  11. Welcome to the RuneAd Forums! We have been wanting to release these for a while now, but wanted to wait until they met our standards. Over the next few days you will see some small changes, edits, and general updates to make them even more perfect! Feel free to browse the forums and introduce yourself to our community in our red carpet section! A big thanks to everyone for helping RuneAd grow this far! - RuneAd Administration
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