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  1. Looks pretty cool man! Good luck with this
  2. Logo and banner both look clean Good luck with this my guy
  3. Well, quite a week 1 haha. Hopefully week 2 we see the chemistry improve, lots of upsets this week!
  4. Dan

    New 'Text-Only' Logo

    Beautiful Flub. Lookin good like always
  5. Any fellow NFL fans in here? What teams do you guys support and what teams are you interested in watching this year? Personally, I'm an Eagles fan and obviously am interested in seeing the Buccaneers this year as well as the Raiders with their new stadium and young talent.
  6. Dan

    It's ya boy

    Hey everyone, looks like I'll be the first introduction 😎 As you can see, my name is Dan. I'm a college student from the US. I play a lot of different PC games and RSPS' in my spare time as well.
  7. Wow it looks nice! Can't wait to see the progression as this place grows
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