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  1. Machine


    looks good!good luck on your project!
  2. hahahah nice to meet you bro!
  3. Good luck on your Project bro! Looks nice
  4. hello everyone here Machine:) my real name is jānis! i am 23 years old i am chef loving cook food! my hobbys are playing rsps and coding rsps play basketball! i am in RuneAD when Aaron did start this project and i see so muhc progress on this project! and cant wait when Aaron again suprised us whitch sick update! thanks for reading this is small introduction from me! if you ever need help whitch anythink dont be scared to ask!
  5. ViahPS-is ruse based custom server! using Simplicity base its garbage but mby som1 wanna use it sooo enjoj guys LINK FOR FILES
  6. Yea thanks the banner was Made when silvernova did start gfx
  7. created by domain banner from @SilverNova
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