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  1. Wishing a happy New Year to everyone here at RuneAd!
  2. Project is looking really good! Will be following.
  3. Thanks for this, many people will use this version.
  4. Classic is a pretty good fella. Good luck on sales.
  5. Interesting media, might check it out this weekend. Best of luck.
  6. Kid Buu


    Hello RuneAd friends. I've been working on this project for quite some time & figured what better place to post my first project thread than our lovely community? Discord invite & media coming soon Launching 2021.
  7. Best of luck, Classic. I'll be keeping up with the thread. 😛
  8. Thanks for the contribution m8 ❤️
  9. Looking good, banner could highlight content a little better but its still eye-catching so it should do well.
  10. Thread looks better now that the media is visible so here is a friendly bump. ❤️
  11. Thanks Zezima. As Machine said, you could always learn! Its not too hard & I'm usually a pretty helpful fella. However many people have more experience than me. 😛
  12. Kid Buu

    Hey hey!

    Welcome Zezima. Runad also has a discord channel you can join with plenty of people to talk to & servers being advertised. Hope you're doing well today!
  13. I've seen nothing but clean work from Silvernova. Definitely ordering something soon. ❤️
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