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  1. Flub

    Hey hey!

    Awesome to see the UK crew grow 😉
  2. Another logo from Dens Saputra ❤️
  3. Flub

    Discord Logo

    Hey guys, uploading a logo made just for discord! Artist Link Also, the animation was done by Silver Nova.. As always, absolutely perfect ❤️
  4. Flub

    Janus Logo

    Hell yeah he's incredible, the prices are so reasonable too I have an order in right now for a logo just for our player community site we're launching soon 😛
  5. Lets get some entries in 😄 Let your friends know 😉
  6. Dennis is this a re-release? I remember seeing you around before 😄 But as machine said, you've just pasted this thread without checking it.. Please fix it or we'll need to remove it. Cheers
  7. Looks good mate. I'd try to clean it up a little and remove some of the update logs? It makes it hard to consume for someone quickly glancing at the post 🙂 Maybe post an updates thread - that would be awesome!
  8. Thanks for the post - Can you fix the 'Bugs that need fixed' section as you can currently see the '[spoiler]' tags Cheers ❤️
  9. Flub

    Janus Logo

    Full credit goes to Dens Saputra
  10. Please follow the rules listed here when advertising your server! 1 bump per 24h from the last reply on the thread Media must be attached Links to your website / discord are required. (If you have them) A link to your RuneAd vote page would be great, but not required. Where possible, try to use off-site hosted images (e.g. Imgur, Gyazo) We wish you the best of luck!
  11. We're always impressed by some of the work that the community is able to produce! Today - We'd love to see what you can come up with for RuneAd! We want you to show off: New logos for RuneAd New Discord logos Advertising banners (Animated or static) Anything creative with a RuneAd focus! Once we have enough entries, we'll ask the community to pick their favourite with a poll! The winner will win a cash prize ❤️
  12. Any media posted here containing explicit content will be removed and result in a punishment on your account. If posting, please ensure that you credit others where possible. Have fun ❤️
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