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Celestial - Join the Eternal Battle

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Welcome to Celestial's project thread. Celestial is a project that is based off Ruse. The Celestial Team is committed into turning ruse into a completely new and unique RuneScape Private Server. We are open to any suggestions or ideas you may have. Follow this thread for weekly updates throughout our journey. Enjoy!

Celestial Homepage
Celestial Discord

* The Team *


Omni - Graphic Designer




[SPOILER=Quests & Achievements]


[SPOILER=Server & Client & Website Updates]
Server Updates

  • Done a lot of implementations of sendMultipleStrings to increase performance in interface loading/string sending
  • Code inspection and refactoring tools used to clear 000's of warnings.
  • fixed logout bug, when you click on a tree without an axe is would log you out
  • fixed wildy safespot bug, certain tiles in wildy can be used to safespot.
  • Battle Pass System Added
  • You can now combine infernal and max cape to make max infernal cape
  • Sell all option fixed
  • Added Animation to Divine and Elysian Spirit Shields when they perform there special
  • Added Particles to all 120 Capes
  • chests on drops have nothing in them unless opened multiple at once (fixed) 60% chance of getting something 40% chance of not getting something
  • Mage bank webs are now slashable.
  • Ability to move placeholders added.
  • RFD interface now updates correctly
  • You can now sell shards to pikkupstiks for 25gp each (same as buy price)
  • Godwars dungeon room altars teleport added
  • You can now pray at the Godwars dungeon room altar
  • Godwars dungeon npc's will remain aggressive when in boss rooms
  • You can no longer logout or move during starter selection to prevent any accidental clicks
  • A players poison status will be removed on death
  • Further refactoring using client inspection results where possible.
  • Change to the sendMessage packet sender for ease of access. (developer change)
  • Failing to catch a hunter creature due to your level will no longer spam the chat and will return the trap to your inventory.

Client Updates

  • Experience counter management system.
  • Transparent chatbox toggle on resizable mode.
  • Better looking tooltips
  • Fixed an issue with sidebar tabs crashing the client
  • Implemented packet 128 to sendMultipleStrings to an interface in 1 packet.
  • Done a lot of code refactoring in both source and client using inspection tools and own use.
  • Moved close button positions on a couple of interfaces as they were out of place.
  • The experience counter is now on as default on client load.
  • Fixed the Client resize bug that didn't allow you to close Game Settings Interface
  • Implemented a render distance toggle from 25 to 40 tiles.
  • Implemented increased draw distance.
  • Slight refactoring of distance variables.
  • Camera zooming has been reworked.
  • Default zoom levels fixed.
  • Further refactoring using client inspection results where possible.
  • Corrected some close button positions on interfaces.
  • Fixed the client frame size for windows users on first start up.
  • Changed the remove account button on the login screen. this one fits better than the old + changed the text colours of the account hovers.
  • Defragmented the cache to save space.
  • Removed unused folders from the cache.


[SPOILER=Video Content!]
[SPOILER=Screenshot Content]

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