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Insidious RSPS | 317 | PRE EOC | LOADING OSRS

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The combination of perfection combined with the best era of RuneScape.

Officially Released Now!


Hello RuneServer and welcome to Insidious! We are a 317 revision hoping to bring you back the best OSRS content, we are focusing on the ECO/PVM elements as we all know that back in the day OSRS was the hype within the community, I want to bring you all a server which focuses on PRE EOC content aswell as loading the newest OSRS data, I welcome each and everyone of you to Insidious, I hope we can develop some friendships and become an amazing community!


A little back story on myself and Insidious, I've been in the RSPS scene since late 2008, I've been on and off developing since then, i took a break for a few years as i lost interest and real life took charge, i've been back for abit over a year now and have been working closely with other people on their own servers and i thought it was time to make my comeback! I came up with the idea of Insidious and what i strived to achieve, This being a Eco/PVM server bringing back all the favourites that everyone loved! I strive for greatness and i strive to still be here running this server in 3 years time!

Some of the server's content
» All skills working 100% perfectly.
» Multiple fully working achievements.
» Well of goodwill 100% working.
» Loading OSRS data.
» Flawless PVM / PVP.
» Multiple game modes including: Ironman, Hardcore Ironman, PVP, Regular.
» Player Owned Shops.
» Complete rework of all interfaces, including new ones e.g. Bank Interface, Teleport Interface, Well of Goodwill Interface, Login/Starter Interface, Custom Quest Tab Interface.
» Revenant Cave: drops include PvP weapons (Vesta, Statius, Morrigan and Zuriel).
» All O.G Minigames like Pest Control and Clan Wars.
» NPC Drop Table interfaces and Kill Count Interfaces
» Custom Loyalty titles with awesome settable title position, color etc.
» Presets manager with quick load (slot 1 and 2) and amazing stuff.
» Both Raids 1 & 2 reworked and working.
» Experience tracker for EXP tracking.
» Custom teleports interface with awesome features as last teleports and etc.
» Custom and selectable Gamemodes for those who want.


OWNER: Brad & LRAfam
DEVELOPER: CrazeNation[/URL]



Gamemodes Selection

Custom Home

Custom Teleports

Account Management Tab

Presets Manager

Gameplay Pics


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