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Inquisitor New Custom RSPS - Endless Adventure

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Inquisitor - Endless Adventure

Hello dear Rune-Ad user! 
Welcome to Inquisitor! 
The private server with endless adventures and possibilities.
We guarantee that you will not run out of content to play. Come join the party!

Features :
4 Game modes : Normal, Iron man, Ultimate iron man, Veteran.
Daily updates!
Achievment system with cool rewards!
Upgrade system by chance better or nothing!
AFK mining with a shop!
Well of goods and boss for bonouses!
Minigame system with minigame chest!
No need to pay for donator ranks you can get it from bossing/pvming!
Player owned shop where you can sale your items!
Custom bosses/monsters + Custom raids.
Custom Minigame with minigame chest to get rewarded.

And much more, join and discover by urself!

Also we are searching for staff!

Links to find us!







Updates :

Inquisitor Updates patch notes V1.1

-Made a website.
-Added launcher for auto updates.
-Added voting system.
-Added auto-donation system.
-Added auto cache updater.
-Added chill zone (::chill).
-Added models for nulled npc's and item's.
-Added drop rate bonus Maxiblood set, Moonlight set, Archie set.
-Made 3 new maps for donator's bosses/monsters (Sponsor, Extreme, Super).
-Added ::decant to decant the postions for donators.
-Added bosses to the Super Donator Zone and the Elite donator zone.
-Added commands for teleporting to the new donators zones.

-Changed server name.
-Changed client background.
-Edited home map to give the server fresh feeling.
-Edited Donator map.
-Edited Super donator map.
-Edited Extreme donator map.
-Edited Sponsor donator map.
-Changed owner's icon.
-Looked into and changed the drop rates/drops.

-Fixed all the links in the commands.
-Fixed when downloading cache there is black screen.
-Fixed icons for all ranks.
-Fixed Eco ruiner bug (Bug that can get you donators scrolls anything)
-Fixed another Eco ruiner bug (Bug that gives you free money)
-Fixed the abyssal dagger special attack bug now works fine.
-Fixed ::changeyelltitle and added for donators.
-Changed login announcements for ranks to show each person's rank.
-Lowered goku to 4500 kills.
-Fixed all teleporting commands.


Inquisitor Updates patch notes V1.2

New & Changes!
-Made new starter package.
-Added commands for new donator monsters zones.
-Updated the cache so everyone can see the new maps.
-Decreased Double xp selection rotate system from 6 to 2 hours  
-Added Crystal keys to Avatar drop.
-Everyone can acces gambling!
-New skilling zone that everyone can access!.
-Made command for the skilling zone. (::skillingzone)!
-Added legendary key & legenday chest.
-Change Prograssive Box name to Emerald box.
-Changed Extreme donator's icon.
-Changed Sponsor donator's icon.

-Fixed Hammer's wings drop rate.
-Fixed optimus set (added stats).
-Fixed achievment bug.
-Fixed woodcutting bug.
-Fixed the shikruu set dessolving, Now by dessolving each piece you will receive 4000 upgrade-orbs.
-Fixed ::shops. 

-Decreased Frieza , Prime, and Gokus's healths.
-Lowered goku kills to 2000 until we have a good player base then pushing it back to 4500.
-Increased TzTok-Jad health
-Increased PVM Tickets drop amount on Frieza.
-Gave double boss points for some world bosses. 

-Raids now will give 1 Raids key + 1 Raids mystery box.
-Raids requirments are different, New requierments are 75+ combat levels.
-Changed Enchanted key's name to Raids key.
-Added Raids mystery box.

Added Emerald Box rewards.
Added Raids Box rewards.
Added Minigame key rewards.
Added Raids Key rewards.
Added Crystal Key rewards.
Added Dragonball Saga Box rewards.

-Now by voting you will receive 3x Vote scrolls + Vote box!


Inquisitor Updates patch notes V1.3

-Fixed bug all players can do update (command).
-Fixed Rewards interface .
-Fixed bug - Can't attack dzone npc.
-Fixed goku, Now goku will hit hard.
-Fixed ::rewards interface.

-Scimitiar stall now gives upgrade orbs when stealing.
-Added staff chat ingame.


Inquisitor Updates patch notes V1.4

-Fixed claiming more that 2b by 1m tickets dissapears
-Fixed megabeast enternace now if you have more than 300 kills you can enter without any problems.
-Fixed raids bug - When clicking show drop on NPC it log you out now it will show drops.
-Fixed raids med helm dropping on ground when getting as reward - now it will be noted.
-Fixed Some chaotic items wasn't able to dissolve.
-Fixed trivia question in the Events tab.
-Fixed all item that cannot be disolved in #📑bug-report 

New & changes
-Changed some objects such as bank booth
-Added stats to garfield set.
-Change yell title is characters change was 6 now 20 (Super donator benefit).
-Changed a little in Events & world tab (colors).
-Added ::refer.
-Shikruu set can be dissolved now!.


Inquisitor Updates patch notes V1.5

-Replaced Baby Zilla with Rock crabs.
-Added drops to baby zilla.
-Fixed the Wyrm at the donator zone.

-Added 6 new teleports.

Bosses teleports (4) :
Godwars bosses zone
Floreox bird
Galvek & Malve
Kalphite Queen

Monsters (2) :
Starter zone


Inquisitor Updates patch notes V1.6

-Changed the home
-Little bug fixes


Inquisitor Updates patch notes V1.7

-Donator ranks updated :
Donator : 10$
Super : 50$
Extreme : 150$ 
Sponsor : 500$
-Extreme donator now has 20% drop rate bonus, Sponsor has 25%.

Stores :
-Revamped boss point store and made it with the correct currency.
-Revamped Vote point store & changed the prices to lower prices.
-Revamped Donator store & changed the prices to lower prices.

-Added 15% DR to all T4 Sets
-Added 25% drop Goku pet
-Fixed aoe elite staff stats.
-Added drops to ::hulk
-Got rid of the junk drops from joyx dragon.
-Changed the scrolls chances to Easy 1$,Mid 5$,Hard 10$ at the Grand & Extreme mystery boxes.
-Changed scrolls colors.
-Changed starter items colors.


Inquisitor Emergency update

We had an emergency update, developer team have fixed some dupes that were in the server.
Also we have changed a little things that players requested, enjoy.


Inquisitor Updates patch notes V1.8
Changed mystery boxes textures + names

New names :
Super mystery box --> Veteran mystery box
Extreme mystery box --> Velvet mystery box
Grand mystery box --> Cursed mystery box

-Changed chat box announcements colors and icons
-Added supreme potions upgrade to god potion at 15% 5k cost
-Added ::world command (Broadcast command)
-Increased the goku kills to from 2.5k to 5k
-Added $ scrolls to the vote shop
-Fixed some trivia questions


Inquisitor Updates patch notes V1.9
Fixed problem first player plants on second's player flowers.
Fixed black jack, now black jack randomly hits between 1-11 everytime, and winner is the closest to 21, if you get over 21 you will instantly lose.


Inquisitor Updates patch notes V2.0
-Changed owner's cape textures
-Changed gilded set textures
-Changed fire cape textures + name --> Cursed cape
-Recolored mystery boxes interface
-Recolored teleports interface
-Recolored op chest a little
-Removed 1$ scrolls from the op chests
-Change op chest pricing
-Added testing boss
-Added healer with consumables shop to home
-Fixed afk shop




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Looks good mate. I'd try to clean it up a little and remove some of the update logs? It makes it hard to consume for someone quickly glancing at the post 🙂 


Maybe post an updates thread - that would be awesome!

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