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Revision: 317
Sep 16 2020
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2006 with a twist. RuneSpoof is an experience unlike any other.



(FYI, as we just started, we are currently looking for mature, reliable staff)


This server will put hair on your balls, maybe. Low-ish XP rates, shit equipment, non-existent economy, not to mention this tiny ass window. Sometimes, the challenge comes more from dealing with the clipping issues than the actual game itself. RuneLite? Never even heard of it. Really, its a total mess, but its MY mess, and you are gonna help me clean it up.


RuneSpoof, to me, is the ultimate pitch for an RSPS. Being something of a boomer at this point, I was not particularly interested in trying (and most certainly failing) to emulate anything with any semblance of OSRS content. That said, it was apparent that 2006 emulation servers are overdone to the point of total community indifference.


What has been done here is two-fold; we want to not only bring back nostalgia for 2006, but also for the private servers of the time that shaped our very communities into what they are today. We want to bring the perfect balance between period correct content, and custom ideas that change the game in fun ways. And do not worry; this is very much a modern server. We are not trying to host an Allstar.


We want to foster a community of like-minded RS boomers like us who want to be reminded of when we still had feelings, while also being in good company. I could use more buzzwords, but you get the idea.


Come check us out! There are some exclusive, limited time items being given out only to the first round of users. We have to create sparcity somehow!


Even if we average 20 players at best, it will be enough to stroke my fragile ego. Thanks for (not) playing!



Excellent skilling

Unique and enjoyable task system

Custom bosses

Thoughtful and inspired custom content

Oldschool challenge

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