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Revision: Osrs
Nov 16 2020
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OSRS, RUNELITE, Kronos, Semi-Custom, PvM, PvP
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Thank you for taking a look at our advertisement thread. 

This is a brand new server (Kronos-Based) with a staff team who not only have YEARS of experience with RSPS's, but is attention to detail oriented, to provide the best possible RSPS experience possible! 


We have a fully functioning Runelite

- We have Chambers of Xeric

- A custom Item upgrade system

- Poll System so all the updates are voted by YOU !

- 1 v 1 Tournament System

- 25% more xp on week-end


- PvP Armours

- PVP hotspot

- Custom Bosses (Brutal Lava Dragon etc.)

- Revenant caves

- A functioning integrated discord

- All wilderness bosses

- Rooftop agility

- Custom home

- Guides for every aspect of the server

- Fully functioning Grand exchange 

- Safe gambling

- Esc to close interfaces, OSRS hotkeys

- OSRS content

- Semi-Custom Content (no rainbows - everything custom is still in the OSRS theme)

- Lots of AFK content

- Multiple Events a day

- Newly added skilling and boss pets

- Extremely F2P, you don't need to donate to progress

- Unique in-game Hiscores

- Updated Interfaces

- Home expanded

- Non toxic environment

- Fully working construction

-So much more content that one post cannot fit!

-Small non inflated economy!

-Staff team is professional, here to listen, and mature!

-We also have some EXTREMLY knowledgeable and motivated players to help you around the clock!


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RSPS stands for RuneScape Private Server, this is a server based on Runescape which is not created by Jagex but by developers who have learned how to program java (programming language), they have been creating Runescape private servers shortly after the release of Runescape. There are many different types of private servers, most of the servers are based on revision 317, this is the oldest revision used by RSPS developers and the most popular one for the RSPS community. Other popular revisions are 474, 508, 525, 562 and 667.

Runescape private servers are commonly played because of the enjoyable player experience. The thing about RSPS is that you don’t need to grind for months to become a higher level, training skills goes much faster and if you are lucky you can become rich within days of playing. The variety of private servers is huge, you can play many different private servers and there are even ones with a lot of customs. If you like PvP(Player vs Player), go with a PKing server. If you like grinding and PvM(Player vs Monster), go with an economy server. You can find any kind of server on the RuneAd rsps list. The servers in the top 10 are the best ones in general. Pick your pick out of hundreds and hundreds of private servers that are available on our toplist.