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EnvisionPS - Custom - Raids

Revision: 317
Nov 21 2020
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Custom, Raids, Pvm, Active Community, Active Staff, Frequent Updates
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EnvisionPS is a month old, beast of a Custom RSPS.

Since it's release it has acquired over 140+ active players, reaching around 60 during the wee hours of the morning.

But here at EnvisionPS we're not all about numbers. We are dedicated to quality, for all of those who take the journey and join our server. We dedicate our wonderful Developers to constant updating & bug fixes when needed. When they're not doing that, they're working on what our players are suggesting and voting for in our Discord!

The grind never stops here. There is always something to do. No matter if you're working on your killcount to move up to the next boss zone, or you're a top tier player grinding out the most complex zones in the game. You will never find yourself bored here with us. Between the great community & Staff you are set up to have the best quality of life on this server as possible.

We welcome you to EnvisionPS, and look forward to seeing you in-game.


Some of our most notable features:

Fully Functional Player Owned Shops

Fully Custom Raids

Over 40 Custom Bosses

6 Custom Global Bosses (More Coming Soon)Fully Functional Gambling

Custom Poker System & UI

Functional Collection Log

Progression Pass (Battle Pass)

Fully Custom Boss Map Areas

Option To Create Personal Custom Sets

Option To Create Personal NPC Zones

Incentivised AFK Zone

Over 21 Upgradable Items

Custom Hotkeys

Custom Pets

Incentivised Voting

Active Community

Stable Economy

And Much More Hope To See You Soon!

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