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Apr 02 2020
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* All OSRS Exclusive Bosses, as well as well a few custom bosses such as the Holy Knuckles, Enraged Graardor, Enraged Tarn, and many more!
* Fully implemented particle system as well as animated items! Such as the Competition cape and custom particle effects on items!
* HD Texture system to maximize the aesthetics of the environment!
* A wide range of game modes to play from, including Normal, Extreme and Classic modes, as well as HC Ironman, UIM , and normal Ironman!
* Custom minigames that have never been seen before with custom rewards!
* Unique Teleportation System to get around effortlessly!
* Daily rewards! Keep your log in streak high to achieve the best rewards!
* Custom Maps, Items, Objects, and NPC's tastefully added to enhance your gameplay experience!
* Idle rewards that reward your character for just staying logged in!
* World events that occur every 30 minutes!
* And Unique Shooting Star event every 3 hours!
* Many Point Reward Systems, such as Skilling, PvM, PvP, and Boss points!
* Store Tokens System includes buying ranks such as donators, items, membership bonds and skilling packs
* Slayer remastered with new rewards and NPCS
* Well of Good Fortune
* Achievements System
* Task System
* Prestige system
* 170 data has been packed (Theatre of blood)


* Tons of bugs have been fixed
* A PvP Tournament (Ran through admin commands)
* Original Custom items such as the Justiciar's Sword & Justiciars Shield (Dropped by the custom raids 1)
* 2 Custom Raids have been added (the first drops Nex sets + Zaryte bow | the second drops Chaotic weapons)
* Revenants with PvP armor drops
* Working Infernal cape textures
* Custom edgeville home area
* Working Twisted Bow
* Several new bosses (one magic only boss that drops staff of light)
* A new Experience rate (Classic)
* We've reworked the whole economy so that players Feel a sense of accomplishment when receiving loots
* Automatic Events (Boss events, Double exp, Double drop rates, Double coin/BM drops) now working 100%
* Hourly Reward system (potential Loyalty system)
* Mini Barrows Pets & 10+ other new pets including pets for the Custom Raids
* And so much more!

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RSPS stands for RuneScape Private Server, this is a server based on Runescape which is not created by Jagex but by developers who have learned how to program java (programming language), they have been creating Runescape private servers shortly after the release of Runescape. There are many different types of private servers, most of the servers are based on revision 317, this is the oldest revision used by RSPS developers and the most popular one for the RSPS community. Other popular revisions are 474, 508, 525, 562 and 667.

Runescape private servers are commonly played because of the enjoyable player experience. The thing about RSPS is that you don’t need to grind for months to become a higher level, training skills goes much faster and if you are lucky you can become rich within days of playing. The variety of private servers is huge, you can play many different private servers and there are even ones with a lot of customs. If you like PvP(Player vs Player), go with a PKing server. If you like grinding and PvM(Player vs Monster), go with an economy server. You can find any kind of server on the RuneAd rsps list. The servers in the top 10 are the best ones in general. Pick your pick out of hundreds and hundreds of private servers that are available on our toplist.