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Civix OSRS - 5X EXP - Eco - Quests - All Skills!

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Apr 09 2020
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World 1

Client Download

(Our Client Download is very small, uses file server to download cache.)

“We are committed to bring you the old school style game you once played back to light.”

We are actively developing the server which requires almost daily updates to bring you something better than it already was, these updates usually take less then 5 minutes and we give you notice in-game.

We encourage our players to report bugs they find, and any suggestions they may have.

We are a fun, and active community with an active development side as well.

Our mission is to continue updating, and enhancing our server to become one of the top servers in the community.

We want to make sure that you enjoy your time with us, as much as we enjoy having a community to share this with.


We have many quests fully scripted, we have ALL skills working and implemented.

We have full banking support, notes, un-notes, deposits and bank pins.

We have full shops, buy and sell correct amounts.

We have many bosses, and randoms!

We have 95% all NPC spawns, and Ground Items.

The report feature works for easier reporting of other players.

We have a discord, with active users, and growing staff.

Our client features full original music unlocking, and listening support!

Magic Spells Work and Full Prayer Support.

We have many more features, and would love for you to come find out what all the hypes about to be!

We have a quick turn-around, and priority based project management system to handle bugs, and suggestions.