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Project Decimate - The Return

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Apr 29 2020
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• Perfect clipped following.

• Clipped projectiles for both ranged and magic.

• Perfect max hit, and attack/defense formulas.

• All specials working with correct effects for all weapons vs players.

• Working curse prayers, and regular prayers.

• PvP point shops that requires kills to unlock new items. Every kill you get unlocks a new item in the shop.

• Uncheatable PvP point system.

• Chance of a PvP item drop when killing other players in the wild.

• Perfect animations, hit delays, weapon speeds.

• Correct item effects, spirit sheilds, DFS, barrows, slayer helm etc.

• Fully working curses with correct effects.

• Instant switching.

• Vengeance.

• Ring of recoil.


• Perfect clipped following, and walking for NPCs.

• Perfect attack styles, and emotes for all NPCs.

• All specials working with correct effects for all weapons vs npcs.

• Npcs don't walk on top of one another.

• Can't diagnal fight or stand on Npc.

• Multi barrage.


• King Black dragon

• Dagannoth kings

• Chaos elemental

• Kalphite queen

• Godwars Bosses & minions in the Godwars dungeon

• Nex

• Nomad

• Barrelchest

• Decaying Avatar, Avatar of Destruction, Avatar of Creation

• Corperal beast

• Dreadnaut

• Bork

• Primal warriors

• Tormented demons

• Revenants

• Glacors

• Unholy cursebearer

• Strykewyrms

• Frost dragons

• Chaos tunnels

• Mithril dragons

• Slayer dungeon

• Ranged & Mage training dungeon.


• Fight caves

• Fight pits

• Warriors guild

• Duel arena

• Pest control

• Barrows

• Fun pk

• Barbarian Defence

• Spirit warriors

• Champions challenge

• Demon slayer

• Recipe for Disaster

• Camelot drop party daily server event


• Skillcapes, and proper emotes.

• Max cape available when all stats are maxed at 99.

• Perfect slayer & slayer tasks. All monsters in the server are able to be assigned as slayer tasks.

• Working herblore skill. You are able to clean herbs, and also make extreme potions, recover special, and super prayer potions.

• Working mining skill. Mine ores with correct delays & rock emptying/refilling.

• Working mining & smithing skill. Mine ores with correct delays & rock emptying/refilling.

• Working fishing & cooking skills. You can fish all types of fish including rocktails, and cooking them as well.

• Working agility skill with gnome agility course with correct delays, and animations with agility ticket rewards shop.

• Working firemaking skill integrated with the clipping system, with global ashes dropping after fire burns out.

• Working woodcutting skill with trees being chopped down to stumps, and spawning back.

• Working fletching skill with interfaces, make longbows, short bows, arrows with animations.

• Working crafting skill with interfaces, and animations.

• Working Thieving skill. Thieving stalls at home that give good amounts of cash.

• Working runecrafting skill with multipliers, pure essesnce and pouches.

• Working farming skill. You can plant seeds, and pick herbs.

• Working prayer skill. Use bones on altar, all bones able to be buried.