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ADDYSCAPE - 2006 Server - Relive The Old Days

May 03 2020
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Back in 2006, when we just played for fun

Relive the old gaming days in my RSPS 06 style

Do you remember the first time you logged on in Runescape? Your just registered account getting spawned in Tutorial Island. The music, customizing the character to your liking and then there was the Runescape Guide, waiting for you to tell what this hype was all about. I remember my first time for sure.

I was 11 years old. I signed up via the website and downloaded the game. I logged on and there I was. One of the things I remembered was that I spent way too much time walking around on Tutorial Island. My first language isn’t English and at eleven years old I had no freaking idea what I was doing. I finally managed to get to the part where you had to prospect a copper- and tin rock. And then it happened..

I prospected the rocks. I talked to the mining instructor and he told me to go mine those rocks. So that is what I did. Everything was going smoothly. But this all changed when I asked my dad for help.

I mined the rocks and talked with the mining instructor again. Didn’t read what he was saying since I didn’t understand a word anyways. There I was. Stuck.. Stuck on Tutorial Island. I clicked everywhere. On the rocks, anvil, furnace, everything.. I talked to the instructor again and again, hoping for a clue on what to do next. I just didn’t get it.

Then I decided to ask my dad for help. He came into my room and looked at my screen. My dad was in his early 50’s when I was 11 years old and let’s just say, he wasn’t great at English as well. But he wanted to help me. He stared at my screen for quite some time before he told me what he thought I had to do in order to continue my tutorial island adventure.

I hovered over the items in my inventory and right clicked on my bronze pickaxe. My dad looked at the options and then he said it.

Maybe you must click on ‘drop’. Are you sure? I said doubtfully. Well, let’s just try it he said. I clicked on drop. And we all know what happens when you drop an item. But at that time, my father and I had no idea! My bronze pickaxe disappeared. I was devastated.

I really believed that my Runescape adventure had ended early. I took me way too long before I realized that my pickaxe was just lying on the ground. After a while I discovered what I had to do next.

I finally learned that I had the use the copper/tin ore on the furnace in order to smelt a bronze bar. I slowly progressed though the tutorial. I killed a rat with my bronze sword and another one with my shortbow. I managed to complete the rest of the tutorial quick compared to the mining & smelting part. I had some great times and that is why I decided to start a Runescape server.

I have started a 2006-style server. In this server it is all about reliving the old days.

In my server you will start at tutorial island. Of course you can skip it if you want. But hey, why not get a little nostalgic and do the tutorial? When you finish or skip the tutorial you’ll be prompted with some server information and then you have the ability to select the first thing you want to do, just to give you a quick-start. There is so much to do!

There are 16 quests – Getrudes cat, Romeo and Juliet and Restless Ghost to name a few. All the skills from 2006 are almost fully implemented. I mean not just the basic stuff, but things like silver crafting and you can cook all kinds of stuff. There are tons of minigames, even fishing trawler and some other minigames you won’t expect. Yes, of course we have the 06-bosses. But I think that’s enough for now. Let’s get down to business!

I am not here to bore you with an extensive feature list. I am here to make you enthusiastic about the RS-06 era, just like I am. My goal is to relive the old days and you can just do that on my server called Addyscape.

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