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Sinhaza - #1 Oldschool RSPS

Revision: Osrs
May 21 2020
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Welcome to Sinhaza

Sinhaza began as a fun side-project between friends. However, after allowing friends to play, the buzz began to grow and people started asking for a release date. We had never planned to release this to the general public. After months of bug testing, we've decided to officially launch Sinhaza on 06/01/2020 at 5:00 PM EST.

In the recent months since deciding to launch Sinhaza, we have worked very hard to improve the server, fix bugs, and develop new enjoyable content. 

We have spent hours-on-end perfecting Cerberus, tweaking minor details in the Inferno, adding every animation to every rooftop course, and making Sinhaza a fun place to waste your time.

We have paid bug testers, spent hours replicating OSRS, and have formed a dedicated and mature staff team. We plan to release future content based almost 100% on community suggestions only.

We are proud to be the ONLY server online today that does NOT profit from our community. ANY funds received beyond what is required for maintaining the server go directly to improving the server.

Join our discord at:

Visit the following thread to learn how to win 175m OSRS GP, $305 store credit, and super mystery boxes:

Upon release, win a Sony Playstation 4 or a Microsoft Xbox One by being:

-The first player to achieve maximum total level on a regular account.

-The first player to achieve maximum total level on a hardcore ironman account.

-The first player to achieve 200m in any skill on any account.

-The first player to defeat the Inferno and proudly equip the Infernal Cape.

(If you do not want a PS4 or Xbox One, we will issue credit to your Sinhaza account or paypal you the equivalent)

Upon release, win $175 in Store Credit by being:

-The first player to achieve 200,000,000 experience in ANY non-combat skill.

-The first player to reach maxed combat (99 strength, attack, defence, HP, ranged, magic, prayer)

-The first player to complete any OSRS boss collection log.

-The first player to complete the Chambers of Xeric. (If on a team, each receive $100 in Store Credit)


A few features of the server:

-100% open-source Runelite client, with all standard plug-ins as well as custom boss/skilling and developer plug-ins

-Completely custom home created with RSPSi

-100% Chambers of Xerics

-Full 69 wave Inferno

-Tick-perfect PVP system

-PVP wilderness tasks and PVP-only rewards (blood money system)

-100% OSRS Bosses: Hydra, Cerberus, Abyssal Sire, Zulrah, Skotizo, Vorkath, Demonic Gorillas, Wintertodt etc.

-Custom achievements (not the same old boring RS/RSPS ones)

-Exciting game-modes & minigames

-Unique slayer system

Something we're extremely excited about is our tournament system. With the last day of the DMM tournament in OSRS in mind, we have designed a system where anybody can enter and win either OSRS GP or donation scrolls in-game, along with mystery & super mystery boxes, and finally unlocking unique tournament-specific cosmetics and titles based on career kills.

The big tournament will be once per day. All players will be able to enter the tournament, no stats or gear required, where they'll be matched against each other in 1v1 fights until only one winner remains. We have custom presets that include max strength, pure NH, max hybrid, f2p pure, dharoks, and many more.

The tournaments will take place at 5AM EST, 12PM EST, and 5PM EST. The big tournament will rotate time slots daily.

We sincerely hope you join us in creating the most community-driven and content-packed RSPS of all time.






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