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VengeancePS Flawless 317

Jun 04 2020
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Welcome to Vengeance Private Server. We are a brand new 317 Pre-Eoc server with some RS2 features. The last few months have been a time for us to develop, come up with innovative ideas, and advertise for our release today (21st May 2020).

VengeancePS is a game created by players for players. Which means our development team understand exactly what YOU want and have instilled that within our flawless gameplay.

This is a PvP, PvM, bossing, skilling, event filled, private server with enough content to keep you occupied for a very long time. With this, we will be adding features and content daily, so please do post your suggestions on our forums.

Donations will keep us going, so please take advantage of our deals seeing as we are newly released.

  1. Highscores
  2. 25+ Bosses
  3. No Lag
  4. Exciting pvm
  5. Updated daily
  6. Rev Town
  7. Working Inferno
  8. Fully functional skills
  9. Fully functional Ancient effigies
  10. Skill prestige
  11. Professional and mature staff team
  12. Fully working Pets
  13. Safe PvP zones
  14. Customs (not allowed in PvP)
  15. Player owned shops
  16. All skills fully functioning
  17. Teamed bosses
  18. Raids

Some Recent Updates/Fixes

  1. Fixed Jad
  2. Made Prayers drainable
  3. Fixed prayers and scrolls for perks
  4. Fixed XP bugs
  5. Made firecape untradeable
  6. Added Vote system and vote rewards
  7. Added donation system and donate rewards
  8. Added fully working clan chat and clan chat system with points, levels, and competitions for clans
  9. Added 25+ custom items
  10. Tailored PK bots, making them actually possible to kill
  11. Added dusty key to shops, enabling several slayer tasks to be possible
  12. 5 new pets added
  13. New interfaces on start, shops, prestige, npc drop lists, bosses, and teleports
  14. Pest control now added and fully functioning4
  15. Added prestige system with perks and rewards, including drop rates, xp bonuses, and more
  16. Added Ironman, Ultimate Ironman, Hardcore Ironman - with varying XP and rules
  17. Added herblore shop and farming shop + coal to shops
  18. Gmaul spec + stats fix
  19. Added 15% drop rate ring and 15% drop rate necklace + perks
  20. Now with fully functioning agility & fishing
  21. Ironman stores to make ironman more enjoyable (runes, gems, vote stores etc)

Find some media below.


We have PK Bots. These are bots that are in PvP areas and pray, eat, spec, and fight like real players! You can receive drops as well as bounty/pvp rewards from them! This makes sure the wilderness is never empty!


So why dont you come and check us out? We are looking for staff members, as we are brand new, so come and show your support in-game and on our forums. See you all soon.

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