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Zyro OS ll Custom Maps ll Raids ll Up-to-Date Items & NPCs ll Need Staff

Revision: 317
Server Status
Jul 25 2020
Meta Info & Tags need staff asap! New Server with New UPTODATE DATA | ["317 OS NEW DATA ITEMS NEED STAFF"]
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  • 317 economy server that is loading the most up to date OSRS data. Zyro OS has been under development for nearly a year. Our team has taken their time perfecting all aspects of the game to create an accurate emulation that promises to provide players with a high quality experience that will bring new challenges and fun at every turn. We have created this thread to allow access for you to follow the development of Zyro OS. If you wish to stay up to date, please also ask for our discord and our website. Welcome to the world of┬áZyro OS.