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Morrigan | Old School Magic

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Sep 09 2020
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Greetings Adventure,

The Phantom Queen on the battlefield.

The crow that soars above the wreckage and ruin.

The seers, the warrior, the protector.

She is both light and dark. Life and death. War and love.

The Celtic Goddess of War.

The Morrigan welcomes you.

 We are an RSPS like no other, we are family oriented and knowledge driven. Morrigan Offers you a ton of content, from the Content you expect with bosses you love to kill and monsters you like to slay, to Custom ideas from our Community and Developers looking to push their own boundaries. Here we strive for max enjoyment with attention to detail and a bring a passion for gaming with a love of RuneScape

 We may be a fairly new Server, but we have lots of plans to add into this server.


- Unique Customized Home Island

- Most Bosses working

- Tons of Minigame including our one-of-a-kind Slayer Castle with Rotations

- Normal, Hardcore, & Ultimate Ironman modes avail

- High Scores to fight for #1

- Perfect Switching

- Near Flawless Combat System accurate to OSRS 

- Daily events

- Slow Skilling rates

- Not so slow Combat rates

- Active Development

- Always looking for Feedback

We are a server with a focus on Player Experience; if you have a suggestion / issue, you will be herd.

We bring you that 'Welcome home' feeling you want in a server you're going to spend your time on.

Join today!

Morrigan | Old School Magic & has no affiliation with Jagex nor RuneScape. RuneScape is a registered trademarks of Jagex.