The Next Generation RuneScape Private Server Toplist.

EverythingRS Documentation

RuneAd utilizes an amazing website EverythingRS. With EverythingRS you are able to add their automated voting script with an integrated callback system to your own website! You're able to add many different RSPS toplists to your voting script, the setup is extreamly easy and only takes a few minutes! RuneAd is one of the toplists you are able to add! Below we've provided you with some helpful infomation to get started using EverythingRS and RuneAd combined!

Lets get started!

Start by creating an account at EverythingRS -

After creating an account, you can head to your Account Panel, From there you will see some options on your left hand side, follow the instructions on EverythingRS to setup your server toplist, and auto vote. When setting up autovote you will be able to 'Manage Toplists', you will notice RuneAd is the 3rd toplist option. You are able to utilize as many toplists as you want on your website.